How The Club Is Funded

Our operating budget for 2008 is just over $2 million, up slightly from the previous year, and the money comes from a variety of courses.  The breakdown, by percentage of our overall 2008 operating budget:



Government grants              42%


Annual Campaign                13%


Other Contributions             10%


Brown County United Way     6%


Special Events/Promotions    24%


Other                                  5%


Total                                 100%



These percentages are consistent with actual results from the 2007 operating year, and will probably remain so next year although we have plans to reduce our dependence on the highly volatile grant revenue line.  For example, we are working to strengthen our annual campaign by reaching more donors, as individual support is less vulnerable to natural disasters, wars and generally bad economic times than dollars made available by governments.  Also, we are moving toward a practice of securing multi-year agreements with some of our business partners, so that funding can be ‘locked in’ for that period and they can take comfort in knowing the pricing architecture for event support will not change during that period of time.


Another important trend to be mindful of in on-line giving—the  current presidential campaign illustrates what can happen when a lot of people give a little a t a time—so we are developing a new strategy to make electronic contributions easier.  Every little bit helps!!!


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