Special Events A ‘Win’ For Everyone

Virtually all not-for-profit agencies have special events of some sort to help pay the bills—and they should—and in our case all parties benefit.


Sponsors get visibility before a largely white collar crowd, plus we can reach tens of thousands of individuals/businesses via direct mail and electronic communications, so there is legitimate marketing value to supporting a Club event.  Of course the Club also has those captive audiences and chances to build our brand in the marketplace, which we take very seriously because highlighting our mission and sharing success stories are powerful tools.  Last, and most importantly though, the kids we serve ultimately benefit because dollars raised go right back to programs and people…which is what our business is all about.


We are fortunate to have the well established, two-night ‘Winemakers Dinner/Taste of Wine & Cheese’ extravaganza…these events at Oneida Country Club and the Radisson respectively will reach the 20-year mark in 2009 and some of the same people are still heavily involved.  Our annual Golf Classic at Oneida Country Club will soon roll over a dozen years of existence, and is widely viewed as one of the ‘must play’ events in our area.  Last year (2007 we started the Steak & Burger Banquet, hosted by the Radisson, and over 260 people came to this very ‘mission-driven’ event.  Support for these (and other) events can come in many ways—from a single ticket purchase to being a presenting sponsor—but the important thing is everyone wins!


For more information about our special events and promotions menu go to www.bgcgb.org or call Angie Pestka at 920-494-7090 ext 1015.


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