20th Wine & Cheese—A Tribute To Sponsors, Board, Community and Staff

Our 20th Anniversary ‘Taste of Wine & Cheese’ event is now in the books—and what a two-day gig it was—great turnouts both nights and extremely supportive sponsors/participants. 


Given the economic circumstances we were not sure how things would go, but sponsors/Board/community/staff pulled it out and we’re very pleased.  One of the coolest things was Thursday night at the Winemakers Dinner where we ‘auctioned’ summer bus transportation to make sure kids could get to our Clubhouses…several people stepped up and we raised our entire goal in less than 5 minutes.  Awesome.


Friday night at the Radisson was once again the ‘place to be’ in Green Bay and we saw so many new faces—seemed to be a younger crowd than years past—which is good because we need ‘generation next’ to come forward and help sustain our work with kids who need us most.


I must specifically acknowledge BelGioioso, Festival, Hoida Family Foundation, Humana, Imaginasium, Oneida Casino, Seaway, WBAY-TV Channel 2 and UnitedHealthcare for their extraordinary support—and our very dear friends at the Radisson for making Friday night such a wonderful experience in every way.  In addition, many Board members supported this event individually and/or through their businesses, and we are grateful.  Thanks to the community at large for (once again) coming out—hundreds and hundreds joined us—and they got their money’s worth for sure!  Last, and certainly not least, kudos to our staff and Angie Pestka in particular…you are a rock star Ang.  J 


Oh, and more great news, the dates are already set for ‘A Taste of Wine & Cheese’ in 2010…February 11-12…put it on the calendar!!! 


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