Summer Program Menu Available

Whether it is because you need a more cost-effective option for your school age children, or because you already know about the many benefits of Boys & Girls Club participation, consider us this summer!


Go to and check out the impressive menu of programs and activities coming up this summer at the Club—you will probably be surprised—there is something for almost everyone.  We will also have round trip bus routes daily on both sides of town—this should be great news to working parents or those without transportation—the Club needs to be available to those who want it.


Parents and youth alike should also consider the negative affects of summer learning loss—many school age kids lose up to a half grade level of proficiency during ‘vacation’ time per a lack of high yield learning activities—our programming is proven to reverse this trend. 


Keep in mind that there is no extra charge for coming to the Club during normal hours in the summer—our $5 annual membership fee is one of the lowest in America—and there is only a nominal cost for our early drop off program.  (see online brochure for details)


Come see us almost any time for a facility tour and overview of what the summer will hold—we would love to meet you!


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