Summer Learning Is Essential—But Can Also Be Easy/Fun

We know that summer means vacation to most school age kids and their parents—rightfully so—but the learning loss that can happen during these ‘off’ months can be a huge problem over time. 

Research tells us that a child can lose up to 1/3 of a grade level in certain academic proficiency areas in the summer if he/she is not involved in high yield learning activities—which can take many different forms—but over time this incremental ‘slippage’ can truly put one behind the proverbial 8-ball.  Some studies suggest that half of the achievement gaps we see in elementary school between kids in poverty and their middle to upper class friends can be attributed to summer learning loss, and as much as 2/3 of this divide can be ‘blamed’ on this phenomenon by 9th grade.  So…it obviously matters!

You don’t have to be formally educated, affluent or even particularly creative to reverse this trend with the young people in your world…it is more about awareness/effort than resources.  Check out our web page at for tips on how to make summer learning fun!


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