A Fit for the Future

By:  Mark Skogen, President & Owner of Festival Foods

When the Boys & Girls Club asked me to be a guest writer for their blog, I was excited for the opportunity to tell you about my experience with the Club both from a personal and a professional perspective.

 Growing up, I was a member of the Boys & Girls Club in ­­­­La Crosse.  The activities at the Club inspired my lifelong love of sports and the encouragement and support I received played a part in making me the confident individual I am today.

Now, as a business owner, I understand the importance of giving back to the community and mentoring our young people.  Festival Foods has paired with the Boys & Girls Club on the Teens 2 Work program.  This strategic program matches  teens with entry level employment positions which enables them to obtain the skills necessary to successfully compete for work and be a better employee once hired.

A Human Resources representative from Festival said “these [Teens 2 Work] graduates were better prepared for their interview than many of the adult applicants we get”.  That’s pretty powerful stuff!  Having these young people in our Festival Food stores for this program also gives us the opening to talk them about the grocery industry and how a career at Festival could fit into their future.

If your business is interested in partnering with the Boys & Girls Club on the Teens 2 Work program, contact them today.  It’s time we all work together to make a difference in our community.

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