An Investment in our Community

By:  Dr. Gregory Maass, Superintendent of Green Bay Public School District

On Tuesday, April 6, we are asking the community to vote on two important referendum questions. Question #1 requests permission to borrow $11 million for urgent capital improvement repairs. Question #2 requests permission to borrow $5.7 million in significant technology needs.

This referendum is an investment in our community in many ways. By investing in our buildings, property values remain strong and our schools are attractive to those looking to move into our community. We need to provide safe schools and quality learning environments to the children of our community.

We also must provide appropriate access to today’s technology for our students to be successful in the future. By investing in technology, we are investing in our children and the future of our workforce.

Please remember, if both questions pass, your taxes will still go down. The district has worked hard to be fiscally conservative. Our taxes have been below the state average since 2003. The economic climate is actually favorable to us borrowing: federal construction bonds will give us little or no interest financing, interest rates are at a 40-year low, and there is a highly competitive construction market. This means savings passed on from the district to the taxpayer.

I urge all residents to learn more about the proposed referenda, ask questions, and be prepared to make an informed decision on Tuesday, April 6th.  The second informational meeting will be held at 6:00 pm on March 30 at East High School. Residents can also log on to the District’s website anytime at or e-mail with questions.


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