We Live in a Great Community

By:  Jim Schmitt, Mayor of Green Bay

As the Mayor of Green Bay, the youth of our city have always played an important part in my vision for the city.  As such one of the first things I did as Mayor was to declare June 25th of each year as Kids’ Day in the City.  As has been said many times by many different people, our children are our future and we have a responsibility to provide them with the tools they need to grow up and be successful.

To that end, the City of Green Bay is proud to have partnered with the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay on their “Teens to Work” program.  This important program is structured to engage our youth early by helping develop career setting goals, personal financial management skills and workplace experience with the goal of integrating the teenagers into various jobs within the community.  For the City, we are looking to help foster an interest in youth who may want to serve their community.  It is our hope that through this program youth will see how great our community is and plan to stay with us throughout their lifetimes.  As I write this post we have already received applications from youth who are interested in employment with the City.  I am pleased that several large area employers have embraced this program and are excited to be a part of an effort that will provide a path for youth to reach their full potential. 

We live in a great community.  We have citizens that are active and involved in their neighborhoods and we have great organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay that care about our youth.  Whether it’s volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club or simply taking your family for a day to Bay Beach, I encourage everyone to become involved because one of the best things we can do for youth today is to help prepare them for tomorrow.


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