Frequency = Impact. New Study Paints Clear Picture

From the Boys & Girls Clubs of America national conference in New York City, May 14, 2010 at 5:13pm EST

A recent study by Public Private Ventures (PPV) suggests that Club members who ‘attend’ a minimum of 52 times a year experience life-changing impact in the following ways:

An increase in:

        -academic confidence

        -school effort

        -community service

        -future connection (seeing beyond the present—hopes, dreams, plans and steps to achieve them)

        -understanding of right and wrong

 A decrease in:

        -skipping school

        -negative friends

        -possession of weapons, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol and using marijuana

       – onset of sexual intercourse


       -aggressive behaviors 

These results are even stronger when the frequency of attendance is 104 days a year, or twice a week on average.  So….our Clubs work!


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