Boys & Girls Club Members To Join LZ Lambeau Event

A small group of our Club members will have the experience of a lifetime next weekend—they will lead what is expected to be a capacity crowd of 60,000+ at Lambeau Field in the Pledge of Allegiance—as part of the Friday night ceremony. 

These teens are Keystone Club members—a group that focuses on volunteerism, community service and leadership development among other things—so it is more than appropriate for them to be part of such a historic event.  Their involvement goes much deeper than that however—this opportunity just happens to dovetail with the national Keystone Club project this year—entitled ‘Show Our Support’ or SOS for short.  Keystone Club members from around Boys & Girls Clubs around the country and on military bases worldwide will be planning ‘SOS’ projects—all good we’re sure but none likely to compare with this LZ Lambeau event—check back here for their blog and photos. 

Here’s betting that every Keystone Club member in Lambeau Field next Friday night will get goosebumps when they hear the national anthem, see the flag or meet a veteran in the future.  We all should…

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