Greetings from the Big Apple: Three Club Programs Receive National Recognition

While here in New York for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) national conference, we were officially notified that three of our Green Bay programs from 2009 will receive Merit awards!  This marks seven years in a row that our Club has earned at least one national program award, but it never gets old to have your work viewed as excellent.

As many of you may have seen featured on the Press-Gazette front page recently, our Love 2 Run program is part of our effort to teach young people the value of healthy lifestyles, and many of these kids will actually do the Cellcom Marathon short gig this weekend.  Another award winner, our Justice League program, ran last summer and focused on educating middle school age youth about fighting prejudice and bigotry.  Last, and certainly not least, our extremely popular Unity Bead Challenge raised money for clean drinking water overseas by using ‘fair trade’ art materials and making jewelry for re-sale locally.  Look for a lot more information about each of these three award-winning programs at this site soon.

Other BGCA conference updates may follow as well—who knows what might happen next!!!


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