LZ Lambeau Is Opportunity To Talk With Kids

The much anticipated—and extremely well promoted—LZ Lambeau events this weekend present a unique opportunity for adults to talk with kids about what makes our country great and how good we still have it compared to some.  This is not the kind of subject matter most (non-military) households discuss very often, but the bigger picture is certainly worth a few minutes with your child(ren).

At the Boys & Girls Club we try to touch on these important topics as well.  For example, a number of our B&GC Keystone Club members marched in the Loyalty Day parade in Howard a short while back, and they also assembled all 500 LZ Lambeau yard signs that are distributed around town.  Tomorrow night a small group of Club members will lead the Pledge of Allegiance in Lambeau Field, which will be a lifetime memory for each of them we’re sure.  And, we were involved with the Medal of Honor Conference held here a couple years ago, which was an inspirational experience indeed. 

So, what are some easy ways to engage a kid about love of country?  Is there a veteran in your family, neighborhood or church that could be acknowledged in an age-appropriate way?  How about a quick Internet search for one of many heroes who have worn the uniform?  Could there be a short conversation about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and what they mean? We do not have to judge past decisions about war, introduce our political preferences or serve as de facto military recruiters in these conversations.  Of course everyone is entitled to their opinions—and ironically we can all express them in this country—in part because there are thousands of names on a wall over on Lombardi Avenue right now.     

Said another way, even a small child can learn to recognize our flag and be appreciative of those who serve(d) this country, which is probably more important than a lot of what they are taught elsewhere.  Don’t you think?


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