Developing Young Philanthropists Critical for Community

One of the things that makes Green Bay great is its much deserved reputation for philanthropy…few communities ‘give’ more than folks do around here and we in the non-profit world count our blessings daily.  That said, the longer term philanthropic picture will be largely painted by the next generation, so when possible we all need to reinforce these values and support such efforts when possible.

On that note we offer such an opportunity—one that will indeed benefit the Boys & Girls Club so we admit some self-serving value here—but the broader concept can apply to any good cause and/or younger generation member who is trying to make a difference for others.  Our annual golf outing takes place next Monday, June 7th and we have what is called the 100 Hole Challenge—a couple dozen hardy souls who want to help Club kids—who get up in the wee hours to play a LOT of golf before the main event to raise money through pledges. 

Two of our younger participants are taking a day of vacation and spending their 25th birthday raising money for the kids.  They are looking for additional support through secure on-line pledges—it can be a small amount proportional to your means or if so inclined someone could really give them a boost with a $1 per hole or something even larger—friends and co-workers (where permitted) are typically targeted but there is no rule that complete strangers can’t kill two birds with one stone by helping these budding philanthropists and a great cause at the same time.  Go to or and learn more about this opportunity—they would appreciate it and so would we!


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