Finley Entertains, Informs at Steak & Burger Banquet

Jermichael Finley and BGC Members!
Jermichael Finley and BGC Members!

Injured Packers tight end Jermichael Finley headlined the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay’s 4th annual Steak & Burger Banquet last night at The Marq, alternating between humorous remarks and stories from his childhood.

The overflow crowd of almost 500 heard Finley talk about being raised by his grandmother, and often having to make his own evening meals because she worked long hours at a hunting club.  Most days after school he would ride a bus to the local Boys & Girls Club but there was no round trip transportation, so he and a group of friends would walk home together when the Club closed. 

It didn’t take him long to figure out he was athletically gifted—wondering ‘am I cheating?” when obviously being better in sports than everyone else—a comment that drew laughter from an attentive crowd.  He also talked about “getting that B&G t-shirt” as being a thrill—so we gave him one of ours—a brand new retro version that will be available to the public shortly.

Finley enthusiastically took questions about everything from Brett Favre to getting the call from Ted Thompson on draft day to what a typical ‘work day’ was like as a Packers player—also acknowledging the recent decision to be placed on IR was “all business…and they need people who can contribute” he said. 

There is at least one more Finley family star in the making, however, as two year old son Kaydon got permission from Courtney (mom) and came up on Jermicheal’s lap mid way through the Q&A and remained there until the end.  Not surprisingly, Kaydon got a direct question about who his favorite football player was, and without hesitation answered crisply.  “Daddy.”     We could have ended right there…


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