Wager is MADE with Boys & Girls Club of Western Pennsylvania

Elected officials have made their bets with colleagues in Pittsburgh and we are no different—our two Boys & Girls Club organizations have a friendly wager—check it out.

If the Steelers win, they send me a Troy Polumalu wig and a Terrible Towel, both of which I’ll wear/carry/wave an entire business day no matter what meetings/appearances are on the schedule.  (note:  since I am bald, this would be moderately exciting just to have hair for a while, albeit fake and attributable to the enemy) 

If the Packers win, we’ll send a Cheesehead and G-Force flag their way, and they must wear/carry/wave for an entire day.  We are also proposing that they must film a group of Club staff and kids doing ‘The Raji’ dance and send it back to us if our team prevails.  (go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8VnssBOhGc and watch ours on YouTube when you have a minute—it is awesome)

Both franchises in the Super Bowl have meaningful and long-standing relationships with their local Boys & Girls Clubs and we are grateful for their support. 



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