Star-Studded Cast Launches New “Great Futures Start Here” PSA Campaign

Denzel Washington and Jennifer Lopez, Co-Spokespersons for the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, recently partnered up with award-winning producer Ron Howard and a few of their closest friends in Los Angeles to kick off a new Public Service Advertising (PSA) campaign that showcases the impact of Clubs around the country.  The soundtrack for this PSA is the inspirational song ‘I Was Here’ as performed by Beyonce on her ‘4’ album—its use was donated for exclusive placement in this spot.

 Along with the group PSA there are individual snippets from a number of the celebrity alumni that participated—entertainment industry giants like J-Lo and Cuba Gooding Jr. for example—and the sports world was well represented by Shaq and X-Games legend Shaun White among others. 

 You can watch and listen to the PSA for yourself here—feel free to forward it on to friends.   

 We are making plans for a local version of this PSA concept—identifying people who have been directly impacted by a Club experience—and hearing their stories.  If you are a Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay alumnus—and it doesn’t matter how long ago—please contact Jessica Hopp at 494-7090 ext 1015 or e-mail a if preferred—you can also reach us via Facebook at to share the details. 

 Denzel says that ‘many doors open, but these doors transform’ when referring to Clubs in the PSA and perhaps that is the fundamental message.  Club works…it did for all these celebrities…and it does/will for kids in our community as well.  Thanks for your support!


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