Why Just A ‘Week’ For Kids?

A popular country music song talks about a wife who decorates on the 4th of July but believes ‘every day’ is Independence Day.  In that same vein we observe Veterans Day once a year—there are speeches, activities and a few extra flags flown—many people seem satisfied with that effort—but it is hardly adequate given what military men and women have done/are doing on our behalf.  We could add Mother’s Day to this list as well—aren’t they special 365 days a year?

 Sadly, some of the most important people and values in our society are rarely given the attention they deserve, which can only be partially explained away by citing how ‘busy’ we are.  It is fair to say that most jobs take more time than before, and being a (good) parent is more demanding than ever, but some things are just so important that we have to do better. 

 This is ‘Boys & Girls Club Week’ here and we have a lot of special activities scheduled—our members will enjoy themselves even more than normal—and we are inviting the public in too.  A great deal of time and effort has gone into planning this initiative—but there are 51 other weeks in the year—are those less significant when it comes to supporting kids?  Of course not—ours is a year round crusade—we encourage you to join us.

 Oh yeah, if you know or meet a veteran take a second to say thanks.  And, call or go see your Mom if that opportunity exists, she will appreciate the gesture.


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