What the Club Means to Me

Faith in Purple
Faith (Left) with Education Program Assistant Emily (Right) at 2012 Winemakers Dinner

By: Faith, Teen Club Member, Lutsey Clubhouse

Hi, my name is Faith and I am a sixteen year old sophomore at Green Bay’s East High School.  My mother, my sister, and I moved to Green Bay in November of my sixth grade year when I was eleven years old.  Having just started middle school in Milwaukee, and then relocating–I worried about simple things like fitting in and making friends.  Soon after I moved here I became a member of the Boys and Girls Club.  This really helped me because a lot of kids from my school were already members there and it gave me a chance to make friends and get to know a lot of people. 

When we first moved to Green Bay I cried myself to sleep every night because I just wanted to go back home.  The Club immediately became an escape from all those worries.  At first it was a place that I could go and have fun and pretend that everything was okay.  It soon turned into a place that I grew to love like a second home. 

 There were a lot of programs that I became involved in at the Club.  The first program I remember joining was SMART Girls.  We would talk about anything on our minds, and for me that was great because it was exactly what I needed at the time.  I began to realize that there were a lot of people here that cared for me and wanted to help me deal with some of the stress the move had caused.  To this day the Club is still a place like home and there are still people that care about me; people that I can confide in and people who believe in me.  There are people there that support me in the things that I do by coming to my band concerts or simply helping me out if I am a little short on school supplies. 

The Club means more to me than I will ever be able to express.  I am truly grateful for the Club, the maturity it has taught me and the person it has made me.  Because of the Club, I have a place to study and practice my music, which I am very passionate about.  Because of the Club and the people there, I have a place where I can go after school where I will always feel safe and welcome. 

Because of the Club, I have become part of a wonderful volleyball team.  I enjoy participating in volleyball here at the club because it is competitive enough to push me to become a better player, yet it is non-competitive enough to allow me to just have fun.  A team is something

bigger than I could ever be by myself.  And for that I am sincerely grateful.  At the Club I have also become involved in the Teen Advisory Committee, Club T.V., Keystone, and Sports Club which I am currently the president of.  All of these programs have helped to shape me into the mature, responsible, young woman that I am today and, without the Club, I cannot, and I do not, wish to imagine what my life would be like.   FaithTeen Club Member, Lutsey Clubhouse


One thought on “What the Club Means to Me

  1. Great job, Faith. You express your ideas and feelings well. Not only are you fortunate to be part of the Boys & Girls Club, the Club is fortunate that kids like you are members.

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