Boys & Girls Club Brings Art Downtown

Gallery Nite signage

Art was the main event at Thursday’s Gallery Nite.  The Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay was given the

opportunity to participate by showcasing our Club Members’ artistic side and show the community what

we have been up to all year. We were lucky to be paired with Photography by Emily, located at 1228 Main Street. Photography by Emily is a photography studio specializing in family & senior portraits as well as

wedding photography. She is one of 10 “stops” on a trolly ride around the Olde Main Street District.  The businesses vary from retail, salons, studios or even art galleries, to share the love of art with the community.

A few of our Club Members even joined and were able to play the piano and clarinet for the event goers.

Club Members helping at exhibit

For many members, the experience of live performance is a cherished hobby to be shared with everyone.

Our goal at the Club is to have a positive impact on young people and help them reach their full potential.  We try to make

experiences as unique as possible for members at Boys & Girls Club—and we think this qualifies.

The event itself has been around for over 5 years, but has seen steady popularity in recent years. The Club participated twice last year at The Attic and NWTC Artisan Center and our excitement grew at the prospect for a new space this year, located within Photography by Emily.

Make sure to keep a look out for our traveling artists program out in the community this summer—utilizing photography and fine arts.


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