“Something for Everyone”at The Club this Summer

ImageHey Kids – Love the art room? Check. Really interested in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) projects? Follow me. Wanna burn some energy and learn how to live a healthier lifestyle at the same time? Right over here please. Shoot a game of pool? Rack ’em. Hungry? The line forms to your right.

Hey Parents – Looking to slow down or even reverse summer learning loss by participating in a planned menu of academic activities? No sweat. Feel like developing entrepreneurial skills by running a mini-business at the downtown Farmer’s Market? Easy money. Need to polish up those ‘soft skills’ that so many employers say are lacking these days? Right this way… make good eye contact with me and say “thanks” or you have to start over.

Ok, you get the point, our four summer programming sites are loaded with fun and developmental options that engage kids and thrill parents all at the same time. How often does THAT happen?


Fort Howard Elementary 

Danz Elementary Schedule

Lutsey Clubhouse Schedule (East)

Nagel Clubhouse Schedule (West)

We are averaging around 150 kids a day at each of our two Clubhouse facilities, with additions like Tuesday Teen Nights (Nagel Unit) and piano lessons (Lutsey Unit) becoming popular, and our early drop off program to help accomodate working adults has seen approximately 50 kids per morning so far. Enrollment at our Ft. Howard location is 112 with 70-80 members a day, more than doubling our 2011 numbers, with more growth expected. Over at Danz, our average daily attendance is well over 100 with an enrollment of almost twice that and 50 kids on the waiting list at this point. Incredible.

Oh, did we mention that basic access to summer Club programming is available at no extra charge on top of our $5 annual membership fee? Early drop-off option does cost an additional $2 per day to help cover the additional staffing expense. You are invited to come take a look any time – guided tours cost nothing and no appointment necessary – we’ll be here! Call us at (920) 494-7090 or go to www.bgcgb.org for more information. Club works!!


This article can be found in the Summer 2012 Newsletter. To sign up email lwilliams@bgcgb.org

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