Donald Driver: A Simple Tribute

A lot of ink, game highlights, teleprompt script and commentary has been/will be devoted to Image#80 for the Green Bay Packers and rightfully so—just his accomplishments on the field are extraordinary—but the guy is a family man, philanthropist and role model/inspiration to many which may very well be more important that any record held or touchdown scored. 

Let’s see.  Broke and homeless on occasion growing up.  Made some bad decisions—in part due to difficult circumstances and negative influences—but found a way out.  Small college player and late round draft pick—by one of the most storied NFL franchises around—winds up holding all kinds of records and likely to have his jersey retired.  Great teammate and locker room influence.  Helped and continues to help others…a lot.  Good husband and father.  Owner of million dollar smile and award winning tango.  Not bad.

Tonight my wife and I will read ‘Quickie Makes the Team’ with our 7 and 6 year old Imagedaughters—again—the message that you can do anything with hard work and perseverance transcends race, age, gender and socioeconomic status.  More people (kids in particular) need to hear his story—the NFL should make him an ambassador or youth engagement advisor—or both. 

Best of luck to you ‘Double D’ and stay in touch…thanks for everything. 

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