Create Your Own Path At the Boys & Girls Club

A few weeks ago, I was asked to give the keynote address at the Phi Theta Kappa national honor society  induction ceremony at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.  The organizers of the event asked me to talk about success, and the things that people could do to reach their goals.

Preparing for that  speech really gave me a chance to reflect  on my own life, and all the wonderful advice that some really special people have given me over the years.

What I told the audience that day really came down to four main points:

A Club Member Pursues her interest in Photography at the Club
A Club Member Pursues her interest in Imagemakers (Photography Club)

1. Find positive mentors in your life;  When you surround yourself with positive role models, you have a chance to learn the habits and behaviors that are important for success.

2. Don’t be a spectator; create your own opportunities;  Many people wait around waiting for things to happen in life.  Successful people don’t do this.  They create their own opportunities by getting involved, meeting other people and investing in themselves.

3. Give back to your community; Being a volunteer makes a huge difference to those you help, and makes a positive impression in your own life.

4. Be a lifelong learner; This is the most important point of all…..

Learning doesn’t stop just because you have a high school diploma.  If you really want to have opportunities in life, you need to continue to find ways to learn more about the world around you–education is really the primary  key to success.

Do you like working with others?  Maybe a career in nursing or dental care is your calling.  Do you like working with your hands and making things?  You could learn to be welder or a machine operator working with robotics.  Maybe you would like to work in business creating advertising or working with computers?  You could even learn to be a fire fighter or police officer.

All of these are possible if you want them to happen and you make the effort to be a life long learner.

Your path to success starts at the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay.  The wonderful staff provides positive role models, who help you create opportunities through the fantastic programs that are available.  They also help support you in your educational journey through grade school, high school, and all the way to college. Then at a school like Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, in one to two years, you can be well on your way to lifelong career, in a job that you love.

If you want to learn more about all the careers that a college education can offer, talk to the team at the Boys and Girls Club and they can arrange a visit to NWTC.

Dean Stewart – Dean, Corporate Training and Economic Development at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College


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