Staying Healthy at the Club

Would you consider your lifestyle healthy? If you answered “Yes!”…I bet most of you would immediately think about  food or your daily diet! Well, you are partly correct! It IS healthy to feed your body “good stuff”…makes sense…”Good in…Good out”!

Club Members Staying Active on the Climbing Wall

If you ask a Boys & Girls Club member who participates in the Healthy Habits program, she or he will tell you that getting 5 fruits and vegetables in every day is amazingly good for your body to work well. At the Club, “taste tests” and cooking clubs provide hands-on opportunities for kids and parents to try out new foods and recipes that are not only good for you…but fun to eat, too! Healthy Habits participants also learn that protein, like lean meat, beans, nuts, greek yogurt is the fuel that your body needs…and they learn that you should watch out for sugar…there’s lots of sugar in candy, snacks as well as your soda and sugary drinks…water is your best hydration!!

But Club kids know that diet is only part of being healthy…Sleep is super important…9 hours is recommended for your brain and body to work properly! Club programs like Triple Play explain just how important a good night’s sleep is to optimize your performance – both in school and athletics.

Limiting your “screen time” is also a healthy move on your part…we know that a total of 2 hours a day is tops! Don’t forget that’s TV, video games, computer, etc….you get the picture, right ? That’s why at the Club, kids rotate to a new activity every hour.

So what to do with your free time?

MOVE!!! The healthy lifestyle we want for you includes exercise and activity…just 30 minutes every day of some form of activity is really important. The Boys & Girls Club’s summer soccer and baseball programs and SPARK active recreation curriculum are just a few ways that the Club keeps kids and teens engaged in active lifestyles. If it isn’t some type of sport… bike, walk, run…just get moving! No matter what your interest – whether it’s breakdancing or rock wall climbing or skateboarding – the Boys & Girls Club offers something to keep everyone active and moving.

You have 23 ½  hours left of your day 🙂  And, you’ll feel great! Let’s use it, take care of ourselves, and enjoy all that life has to offer!


Sandy Treichel, RN

Bellin Health

Health and Wellness Coach

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