Make this a “Kid Weekend” if Possible


All week there have been special activities at Club locations and we love showcasing our work—thanks to everyone who dropped by and/or got engaged through social media—if you have any questions or comments please send those our way.

Great Futures Start Here!
Great Futures Start Here!

Many organizations like ours have a specific day, week and/or event to put an emphasis on kids somehow…and that will continue…but maybe there is another angle.  How about we informally declare this a “Kid Weekend” and ask everyone to do something different/extra with your children?  Or, if you don’t have any kids, then how about constructively engaging one or more some other way?  Maybe you have a niece or nephew, or the neighbor has a son or daughter, whatever he case may be…play a game with them or have an intentional conversation to see how they are doing.  If nothing else just greet the kids you see in the grocery store with a warm smile and say hello…they will appreciate it.

If anyone wants to share their “Kid Weekend” story with us we would love to hear them—post it as a comment to this blog—it would be really cool to get a lot of them.  Hope to hear from you!


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