Volunteerism is Cool Again – Just Ask A Club Member

Nowadays, with so much emphasis being placed on youth to focus on academics and potential careers, there seems to be a set of attributes that are being neglected and kicked to the curb.  That’s why here at the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay we make sure to intentionally provide opportunities for our Membership to develop good character and good citizenship.

Club Members pitching in the clean up the community!
Club Members pitching in the clean up the community!

As an organization we expect each of our Staff Members to role model the types of good character and good citizenship that we would like to see in the youth we serve.  Additionally, we offer programming like SMART GIRLS & PASSPORT TO MANHOOD to help our members develop these attributes.  Both of these programs are conducted in group sessions that allow for idea sharing and character development through peer interaction.  We also try to identify appropriate opportunities to get our members out into the community so that they can engage members of our community through volunteer activities and other types of service that will help them to develop as good citizens.

The next generation of community members are in our clubhouses everyday.

We are committed to helping each Club Member understand the importance of having good character and good citizenship.  The results of our intentional efforts are evident as our members continually show they are developing a a better student, sibling and young adult.  Whether it’s a Club Member assisting someone in need, turning in a lost item that they find in the Club, or thinking of a project that they can do to help  the community, OUR MEMBERS ARE GROWING in body, mind and soul.

Rashad C., Education & Career Development Director


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