Eight Healthy Habits From Club Members to You



Kyle C, Program Director (Nagel Clubhouse)

         With spring around the corner, there are many ways you can stay healthy and active. Club Members stay active at the Club by eating healthy food and keeping a positive attitude. Members learn healthy habits through programming such as cooking club, triple play, social recreation, and cardio challenge. Putting their heads together, they have created a list of eight healthy habits anyone can do.

      Eat healthy food! As Club Members know, food is fuel for your body, and it is important to pick the right food. Members have been learning not only what foods are important to eat first, like fruits and vegetables, but they learn how to prepare meals through cooking club. In this program kids get to be the chef, cook a healthy meal, and then try the food in a taste test.

Cardio Club does Yoga!
Cardio Club does Yoga!

2.      Get active! We all know it has been a VERY long winter, but that’s no reason not to get exercise. Members at the club participate in programming such as health & life skills, social recreation, and triple play to keep them active and moving. Through rotating programs each hour, members are able to participate and get active in playing parachute games, basketball, cardio club, dodge ball, and event climbing on an indoor rock wall! It is recommended to get at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, so get out there and get moving.

3.      Find a friend to join you! Any member will tell you, getting active with a friend is A LOT more fun. So find a friend that enjoys getting active to join you in getting exercise. “Having a friend to join you is much more fun, and you can encourage each other!”- Sasha, 9 

4.      Wash your hands! “It is important to wash your hands so that you don’t spread your germs. It is really, really important to do this before meals too…you don’t want to eat your germs!” – David, 7

5.      Limit screen time! It is recommended limit yourself to less than 2 hours of screen time per day, which includes television, computer, tablets, video games and cell phones. Members at the club rotate activities every hour, which allows time to try new things like games or challenges.

6.      Get GOOD sleep! It’s recommended that you get at least 8 hours of sleep for your body and brain to properly function, while also being able to learn. Triple play members have been learning about proper sleep habits by going to bed early, creating a bedtime routine, and getting up when your alarm goes off instead of hitting “snooze.”

7.      Hydration!Since your body is made of primarily water, it is very important to hydrate yourself throughout the day by drinking water. At the club we have drinking fountains available to everyone, but also encourage members to bring a water bottle. If you don’t hydrate yourself, you can get dehydrated and feel light headed, sick, or even faint! And dehydration isn’t just a summer condition…it can happen any time of the year. “It is important to drink water, whether or not you are getting exercise.” – Jamal, 11

8.      Focus on YOU! This is especially important because in order to help others, you need to take care of yourself. Doing exercise, trying new things, and having fun are the most important parts of getting healthy—so enjoy it!



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