A Recipe for Healthy Lifestyles

Let’s take a tour through one of our Clubhouses.

We walk in and see a large group of our younger members playing a game of tag in our spacious social recreation room. Kids are running around, laughing, and having fun with their friends.

We pass through this room and witness a program going on in the kitchen area. Our members are actively engaged in learning how to safely prepare a healthy meal under the supervision of our highly-qualified staff.

As we walk down the main hallway we can see through the window that another group of kids is picking up garbage along the outside of the building. They are simultaneously helping to keep the Club clean while learning about the different types of trash and recycling there are.

As we wander by the gym we peek in to see a large game of friendly indoor soccer where several age groups are intermingling, getting exercise, and having a blast.


When we reach the back of the building we come across teens who are actively engaged in discussions related to healthy behaviors. A few of the topics discussed are: healthy relationships, substance abuse, and academics. Some of these topics are uncomfortable for our members to discuss but our teen room provides for an atmosphere where everyone can feel safe contributing in the programs.

What do all of these things we’ve seen have in common? A focus on promoting healthy lifestyles.

The Boys and Girls Club of Green Bay is dedicated to implementing programs that will enhance the well-being of our members. In order to accomplish this, we offer numerous proven programs that focus on promoting the various aspects of healthy living.

Just a few of our programs with healthy living objectives include:

  • Triple Play- A program with initiatives in encouraging young people to eat smart, exercise regularly, and build positive relationships among their peers.
  • Culture Cafe- This program allows participants to research food from various parts of the world, learn about the health components of these foods, and then prepare healthy meals for everyone to enjoy.
  • Leagues- Depending on the time of year, we offer leagues in basketball, soccer, volleyball, golf, baseball, and flag football. There’s a sport for everyone, and this creates an opportunity for every Club member to get active by being part of a team.
  • Healthy Habits- This program focuses on teaching its participants about the food pyramid, components of the foods we eat (proteins, calories, etc.), portion sizes, and how to utilize all this information to make healthy eating choices.
  • Enviro Team- The objectives of this program are to promote environmentally sustaining behaviors such as recycling, tending to a garden, and completing community service by picking up trash in local parks.
  • SMART Girls/Passport to Manhood- These programs, each directed towards either males or females, allow for open discussion about serious issues that many teenagers deal with. Objectives for both programs include improving self-esteem and promoting healthy behavior choices.

It is truly incredible how many beneficial programs just one site can offer, and it is actually mind-boggling when we consider that each of our sites (2 Clubhouses and 5 School-Based Programs) offers its own array of healthy initiative programming. Not only are our healthy initiative programs plentiful, but also our trained Club staff ensure that our programs are formatted so that Club members can genuinely relate to and learn from the curriculum. Our programs have both quantity and quality, which means there is something for everyone.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is of vital importance, and the Club has the opportunity to convey this message to a large portion of the youth in the Green Bay area. By combining healthy lifestyle discussions and activities with our fun and engaging programs, we have concocted a recipe for fostering success, happiness, and health in each and every one of our Club members.

To find out more about Club programs and healthy initiatives, visit www.bgcgb.org

Taylor D., Impact Evaluator

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