Step Right Up to the Donald Driver Foundation Day for Kids!

The Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay Clubhouses Host the 5th Annual Day for Kids!

Day for Kids

Step right up, everyone! The Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay will be hosting its annual Day for Kids event this Friday, September 19, which is all made possible by the Donald Driver Foundation. Everyone in the community is invited out to either one of our Clubhouse locations ( West side: 311 S. Oneida St.  East side: 1451 University Ave.) from 3:00-6:00pm for a carnival-themed day of fun!

Whether you’re a parent, child, guardian, caretaker, friend, cousin, teacher or even just someone looking for a fun way to spend a Friday night – JOIN US! You don’t need to be a Club Member or family to partake in the Day for Kids events, so please consider taking the opportunity to gather together to celebrate kids.

A free and exciting event for all, Day for Kids is something that Club members, families, staff and community members look forward to every year. The focus of this event is to celebrate the importance of relationships between youth and the caring adults in our community by spending quality time with one another.

Highlights of the fun-filled day include:

-Eating a free and nutritious Dinner

-Taking the ‘Pledge to Play’

-Seeing who takes home the Caring Adult ‘Loving Heart’ Award Recognition

-Winning raffle Prizes

-Bouncing around in the bouncy houses

-Taking goofy photos in the photo booth

-Getting your face painted

-Playing balloon Twister

-Treating on cotton candy, snow cones and popcorn

-Seeing fire trucks

-Visiting with community partner booths

-and playing activities in every Program Area

The free event is guaranteed to be a celebratory affair for the entire family and community to enjoy!

With events as fun and exciting like these, we could never do it alone. A huge thank you goes out to the Donald Driver Foundation, who without this wouldn’t be possible. An additional thank you goes to Schreiber Foods and Marcus Theatres who both have generously offered their support of this day’s events.

The Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay is lucky enough to have a strong base of support within the community, and we’re so honored to be partnered with the generous organizations, businesses and individuals that we are. This event is only one of our many ways that we work to make an impact on our Members, our community and beyond. So, if you’re unable to attend – don’t worry! We have many other ways that you can be apart of our growing network.

Don’t believe us? Find out how – today!


For more information – contact the Boys & Girls Club of Green Bay.

2 thoughts on “Step Right Up to the Donald Driver Foundation Day for Kids!

    1. Good morning, and thanks for your question!
      Any and all kids are welcome to come to our Day for Kids events – at BOTH Clubhouses. There are no age limits for attendees.
      Parents, children, extended family members and friends of all ages are invited to join us.

      Thanks, and hope to see you there!

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