What Does The ‘Blue Door’ Really Mean?

It is so uniquely appropriate that our long-standing partners at Imaginasium went above and beyond in observance of National Boys & Girls Club Week by doing a ‘Blue Door’ on their front entrance…catches the eye, doesn’t it?


Leave it to those marketing/advertising/brand alignment/lots of other stuff professionals to raise awareness of Club with this simple tool—but drawing attention is just the first step—what does the ‘Blue Door’ really mean?

On a personal level, as an only child in a latchkey situation, my parents let me go to Club in elementary school and I still have fond memories.  At the Club, there were plenty of new friends to make, caring adults who always asked how my day went and a myriad of activities to choose from…back then it was more about sports and recreational programs which still have their place…but my secret favorite was the art room and I jumped in there often.

Looking back, this insecure freckle-faced kid could be himself and even try new things without being afraid of failure, a safety net that ALL children need regardless of their socioeconomic status or skin color. Club gave me that growing up and I’ll forever be grateful.   unnamed-1

From a professional perspective, I can tell you that Club is more important today than ever before—poverty, cultural differences, social/emotional deficits, bullying, online predators, language barriers, summer learning loss, deterioration of the family structure and much more affect our kids—and as stated previously you can see the future by looking at the youth of today.

If they find purpose and path then we have set them up for success—if they don’t, well then the opposite is likely true and we all pay that price—whether it be a skilled worker shortage, financial strain on support systems, overcrowded prisons and/or fewer productive citizens.  Simple logic—but it must translate into action—and every one of us is a stakeholder in this equation.

Back to the ‘Blue Door’ thing for a second…it implies opportunity for those who enter…perfect message huh? 2015Logo-PNG

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