John Benberg

    john-benbergJohn was hired as Executive Director in the fall of 2006 after serving in the same capacity with Clubs in Janesville (WI) and Fayetteville (AR) for approximately three years each.  He is a former Club kid from El Dorado (AR) where he enjoyed the games room, arts and sports programs with baseball ultimately supporting much of his undergraduate education.


He has a double major Bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts/ Physical Education from Georgetown College (KY) plus a Master’s degree in Sport Management from the United Stated Sports Academy (AL) and planned to attend law school until a full-time employment opportunity arose from his internship.


His professional background includes a decade in higher education at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as Assistant Director of Public Safety/Campus Risk Manager, where he worked with campus and community leaders on special event planning/management, safety/security policies, emergency preparedness, crime prevention, summer youth camp protocols, workers compensation management and many other issues.  During a majority of this time he also served as a Board member, committee Chair and President of a large non-profit drug/alcohol treatment agency in the area.


Since landing in Green Bay he has served as Chair of the United Way Agency Directors group and led the Education/Non-Profit segment as a member of the Campaign Cabinet.  John received the ‘Excellence in Nonprofit Leadership Award’ from the Brown County United Way in 2009 for his service.  In the spring of 2012 he was invited to become part of the inaugural Wisconsin Idea Scholars Program (WISP) and meets monthly with UW-Madison officials and representatives from around the state to study issues such as land use, economic development, K-12 education and much more.


John is married to Linda and they have two daughters, Cassandra ‘Cassie’ Jo and Delaney Jean, both born as ‘Irish twins’ in the 2006 calendar year.  Their family also includes a 105 pound Yellow Lab named Sonny who keeps a close watch on his ‘sisters’ and the 5 acre homestead about 8 miles north of Pulaski.



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